[Verse 1: Pharrell Williams]
Well nothing ever last forever, no
One minute you’re here and the next you’re gone
So I respect you, wanna take it slow
I need a mental receipt to know this moment I owe

[Pre-Chorus: Pharrell Williams]
Do you mind if I steal a kiss? (Chop, chop)
A little souvenir, can I steal it from you?
To memorize the way you shock me
The way you move it here (Hey)
Just wanna feel it from you (Hey)

[Chorus: Katy Perry]
Don’t be afraid to catch feels
Ride drop top and chase thrills (Hey)
I know you ain’t afraid to pop pills (Hey)
Baby, I know you ain’t scared to catch feels
Feels with me

[Verse 2: Pharrell Williams]
I’m your window shopper, sucker for your love, oh
I’m wearing your goggles, virtual reality
It ain’t what it cost you, it might be a dollar
As long as it shocks you, memory, electricity


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